Behind on your house payments?

How does it work?  By filing a Chapter 13, you are able to make payments toward the amount that is behind on your loan – allowing you to get caught up and not lose your home.

* A lender can foreclosure in as quick as 21 days

* You MUST file before the 21 days is up or you lose your chance to stop it

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Let us help you save your home.

Chapter 13 Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike a Chapter 7 bankruptcy where the filing fees must be paid upfront, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy operates much differently. In a Chapter 13, the Court costs are paid out of the money Plan Payment, meaning the Client doesn't come out any additional money upfront to file. The same is true for the attorney fees. To file a Chapter 13, a client only needs $100 down. This amount is to pay for the required credit counseling course and the credit report. All other fees and costs will be apart of the monthly Plan Payments.
A Chapter 13 Plan can last 3 or 5 years. In practice, most Plans tend to be 60 months long. This means a Client will have 60 monthly payments throughout the course of the Plan. Once the last payment is made and the Plan completed, all remaining debt is discharged.
Your Chapter 13 payment will depend on two factors: (1) how much debt you have and (2) your household income.

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