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Do you have a comprehensive estate plan?

At Britt Law Firm, our Estate Planning Packages are custom tailored to you and your families’ needs.  Each plan differs but generally consists of the following:

  • Last Will & Testament/Pour-over Will
  • Revocable Living Trust Trust
  • Living Will/Advanced Healthcare Directive
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • HIPPA Authorization
  • Memorandum of Last Wishes
  • Life Estate Deeds

If you’re ready to make sure your family is taken care of, we’re here to help.

Estate Planning Frequently Asked Questions

The exact list of what documents you may need for your estate plan will vary with your specific details, however, generally speaking, most clients need some form of the following:

1. A Last Will & Testament. Simply put, everyone needs a Last Will & Testament. A Will directs where your assets are to go upon your death and who the beneficiaries of those assets are. It is sometimes possible to avoid Probate via a Trust or simply by having beneficiaries on every all financial accounts - however - a Will is still recommended as a back-up, just in case an asset was overlooked or forgotten about in planning. Even in situations where a Trust is created to distribute all your assets, we will still prepare what is usually referred to as a "pour-over will". A pour-over will acts as a catchall and takes care of any assets that were left out of the trust, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

2. A Power of Attorney. A Will only distributes assets upon death and does nothing to give authority to a beneficiary while a client is still living. A power of attorney is needed to allow someone - a spouse or child for example - to have access and authority to act on someones behalf while they are still living. This is recommended especially in situations where age or bad/failing health is an issue. Unforeseen situations often arise such as family needing access to a bank account to pay the mortgage but if a client becomes incapacitated, that can became a large problem. For this reason, most estate plans consist of some form of a power or attorney.

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